The BEST Potato Rolls Ever

Rolls are always a great addition to any meal. But some rolls can be so bland and dry that it almost ruins whatever else you are serving with them. I hate that. You spend so much time on everything else but then you let the rolls cook just a little bit too long and that’s it. Dinner ruined. These are seriously the best potato rolls ever. They are so soft and will most definitely be melting in your mouth. I think that we’ve just about given up on any other roll recipe and have become firm believers in these potato rolls! Little ones love them, adults love them, bottom line is that everyone loves them! With just a little spread of butter or a smear of homemade jam to top it all off and you’ll be hooked! If you can’t tell, this is a favorite recipe in our home and we hope you enjoy them too!!


Click Here to get the recipe.

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