This perfect french fries recipe is the best recipe we’ve ever tried. Ice bath, double frying and perfect salt are the keys.

This perfect french fries recipe is the best recipe we've ever tried. Ice bath, double frying and perfect salt are the keys.

You heard me, french fries are on the menu tonight. Who cares about the rest of dinner, it’s unnecessary. All that matters is you, me, and a basket of hot french fries just like the JCW’s fries. I realize not all of you live in Utah, so let’s take it back a step and talk about why I teamed up with Real Salt to make the perfect french fries recipe.

JCW’s is a burger joint here in town, and we believe that as far as fast food goes either JCW’s or Iceberg have the best fries. In fact, I can actually turn down french fries from everywhere else around here unless it’s from one of those two places. Actually, if they’re cold I’m barely interested, but Hot French Fries, ok those are totally craveable. I kind of have a thing for hot french fries and I like to blame it 100% on my mom. She’s the one that started it.

This perfect french fries recipe is the best recipe we've ever tried. Ice bath, double frying and perfect salt are the keys.

We never really ate out growing up. We pretty much always had dinner at home, but there’s one thing my mom could never resist, hot french fries from BurgerVille. I tell you what, those were the good fries in Washington. My dad would sometimes come home from a late meeting and bring my mom a little package of hot fries from there… ahhh true love. We’d sit back and watch a show on tv and chow down on the deliciousness. Now, this wasn’t very often, but that smell, oh my gosh that smell! There’s nothing like hot, slightly oily, salty french fries. Come on, some one has to agree?! Now, years later I’m all grown up with a family of my own, but two years ago when I discovered JCW’s fries I found myself craving them, but these babies have something extra deliciously evil about them.

This perfect french fries recipe is the best recipe we've ever tried. Ice bath, double frying and perfect salt are the keys.

One night Mr Handsome and I found ourselves wanting to just veg out. There’s a redbox right up the road by JCW’s, so I batted my lashes and nonchalantely suggested hot fries and a movie. He came back with hot fries and a little container of what he referred to as, “special sauce”. As you may know, Utah is all about the fry sauce. Everywhere serves it. It’s essential for fry enjoyment and it’s only ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together. (Don’t knock it until you try it). But this, this was different. It was slightly warm, maybe just from being with the fries, but either way it was warm and it was mayo and BBQ sauce. Yup. And guess what, it may give me clogged arteries one day, but I tell you what, worth it. WORTH. IT.

So, that’s how it all went down and now I’m here to tell you that you too can create this deliciousness at home. Ice water bath the fries to make them cold thus making a tender in the middle crisp on the outside fry plus, double frying the potatoes, (fry, rest on paper towel, and fry again) and Real Salt from Redmond (seriously, you have to use it. It’s literally the only brand of salt we use.) will give you perfect fries. Then slightly heat up a little BBQ and mix it with mayo (not low fat mayo!) and go ahead and let the artery clogging joy begin.

Perfect French Fries Recipe and Special Sauce

Perfect French Fries Recipe
Recipe type: side
Cuisine: american
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4 Cups of Fries depending on potato size
There's not much that's tastier than hot french fries on a relaxing evening, but add a special sauce and everything is over the top!
  • 4 Russet Potatoes, peeled
  • Peanut or Canola Oil (we prefer peanut)
  • Real Salt (Redmond brand)
Special Sauce
  • ¼ Cup Mayonnaise
  • ¼ Cup BBQ Sauce
  1. Place the potatoes on a cutting board and slice a little off of each end. Slice the potato lengthwise in about ¼" slices, Lay half of the pile flat and slice into fries.
  2. Fill a large bowl with ice water and let the potatoes rest in the water for 30 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a pot over medium heat.
  4. Drain the potatoes well on paper towels, and then add in handfulls to the oil. Fry one batch at a time until tender, about 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally to break up the fries, and then lay out flat on paper towels. Allow to cool, turning the oil off or to low in the meantime.
  5. Heat the oil back up to medium heat and fry the potatoes in batches again until crispy, 3 to 6 minutes depending on size. Drain and quickly salt to taste.
Special Sauce
  1. Heat the bbq sauce until warm, in the microwave for a few seconds. Stir in the mayo and serve with hot fries.
A cold water bath is essential for perfect fries. The ice water will cool the fries down so the centers will be tender and outside will get crispy.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 Cup Each


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