Masterbuilt Smoker-John McLemore

This summer we have been experimenting with different ingredients and cooking methods a lot more than normal. Last year we discovered that we had a love for Fried Turkey, gosh that stuff is good, and so my darling Southern Husband wanted to look into smoking food. And since I love to share new things that we have discovered or are loving, here’s what we think about using a smoker.

The nice thing about smoking food is you aren’t always baking it in the oven with globs of sauce or cheese for flavor. Instead, it’s plenty flavorful with just that warm smokiness. And the smell, oh. my. gosh the smell. It is unbelievable. We searched high and wide and what we discovered was, we needed an electrical smoker. It was going to be easier to use and keep the meat the perfect temperature.

Masterbuilt Smoker-John McLemore

Enter Masterbuilt Smoker. It’s super easy to put together, and even easier to use. Just turn it on, add the wood, select the temp and time and add your food. And you can smoke so many different things. It’s awesome.

I love the people and stories behind companies and I was so excited to get the opportunity to get to know John, the man behind Masterbuilt and the Dadgum Cookbook. Check out our little interview below.

I love that this smoker has multiple racks so you can have a lot of space to smoke a big turkey, or use all of the racks to make jerky, side dishes, brisket etc.

Masterbuilt Smoker-John McLemore

Question Responses from John McLemore:

  • ·         Using one-three word answers tell us your brief history.

A--Born in Georgia, Married to Tonya, Father of Three, Love to cook, Love to eat, Family is #1, Owner of Masterbuilt.

  • ·         What inspired you to get into the world of food?

   A–My family business – Masterbuilt – manufactures cooking products.  I’ve been cooking most of my life and it’s a huge part of what we do at Masterbuilt.  I love nothing more than cooking for family and friends.

·         What is your favorite thing to cook or eat?
 A--It’s a tie between deep-fried turkey and low country seafood boil.

  • ·         Where do you get your ideas for recipes from?

A–From all over the place.  Cookouts with family and friends always provide great inspiration for new recipes.  We develop recipes at Masterbuilt with our employees and we’re always tweaking them and changing up flavors.  I’ve worked with recipe developers, but must say that my favorite recipes are those we create on our own at home.

  • ·         What was your favorite recipe from mom or dad growing up that you loved to eat?

A–My mom’s fried chicken, which we call MeMaw’s Southern Fried Chicken in the “DADGUM That’s Good!” cookbook.  Also, my dad’s fried fish and hushpuppies.

  • ·         If you had endless time and money what would you do?

  A--Exactly what I do now.  I love my life and the people in it.  Although, I might get a few more toys!

  • ·         What is your favorite hobby?

A–Watersports with my kids.

  • ·         What’s the most exciting or interesting thing your career has allowed you to do?                                    A—Travel the world.
  • ·         If you could inspire us all to do something what would it be?

A–Figure out what you love to do and DO IT!

I especially love the last thing that John says, “Figure out what you love to do and DO IT!”. That’s exactly where our lives are at and it has made us both feel like, “yeah! We should go after our dreams!”
And so should all of you. I love the passion for food and family behind Masterbuilt. It’s a company that values time together and the stories and memories that come from food. Much like myself, and this site.

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* Masterbuilt has kindly compensated me with product for this review. All reviews and opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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