(This may be my favorite)

No, I’m not being dramatic. Mintedliterally has the best holiday cards ever. In fact, everything on their site is down right wonderful. I am your number one lazy friend when it comes to sending out cards. It’s one more thing to do on my forever long To-Do list, and I never have pictures that are up to date enough to do it. Until this year…

Brace yourself friends and family, I am going to be a real life grown-up this year and send out Holiday cards. Yup. I’m taking the plunge. I almost did it last year, but let’s be honest I dropped the ball. And we didn’t have updated photos so clearly that played a major role right? Kinda? Anyway, I’m pretty darn picky when it comes to cards and pictures. I want them to represent us and who we are, not just throw up some crazy little thing that wont capture the magic and memories of the season.

I’ve selected a few of my favorites, and although this has nothing to do with food, I thought I would give you a heads up for a few reasons…

Number 1- It can be hard to know where to go to find loverly cards to send out. You see everyone else’s in the mail and can’t help but feel like you missed out on something. Not anymore, I’m here for ya. Minted, it’s all about Minted.

Number 2- As lazy as I am, I also love seeing everyone else’s cards flow in. I love the magic of the season, reconnecting with people that you haven’t heard from in a while and spreading a little love to family and loved ones.

Number 3- Your kids will think it’s awesome. I don’t know about your teens, but your kids will love it. Mine do. And that is worth it. Anything to make the season even more special for my little ones.

So, that’s it. I’m taking the plunge this year. I’m doin’ it. I’m sending out lots of love to our friends and family. I’m bringing back the past where connecting meant more than a text message, it meant taking the time to show a little love and appreciation for those who’ve been kind enough to love you. I think you should too. And, I’d sure love it if you’d show me what card you choose!


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