IT’S TIME!!! Cade and I are so excited that there’s an oh, sweet basil cookbook that you can preorder right now called, Our Sweet Basil Kitchen!!

We have worked on the cookbook for over a year and we’ve included lots of exclusive recipes, a photo for every single recipe and lots and lots of deliciousness!! The cookbook officially launches March 7th but you can preorder right now on Amazon and there’s a special right now so you can even get a discount!! Make sure you watch the video. Oh how we wish you could be in our kitchen with us, but until that day, enjoy meeting our family!

IT'S TIME!!! Cade and I are so excited that there's an oh, sweet basil cookbook that you can preorder right now called, Our Sweet Basil Kitchen!!

This cookbook is so much more to us than a big pile of recipes, it’s who we are. Cooking together as a couple, as a family has changed our lives in more than just one way. We eat better, we save more money rather than eating out, but most importantly it has opened the door for us to build relationships with one another.

One skillet fiesta chicken and rice


It’s funny, when you’re dating you talk about your hopes, dreams, fears. You laugh together and make time to really listen and be together, but as marriage, children and life carry on it can be easy to walk through life instead of living it together. As we cooked together we began to share stories and memories, all while creating new ones.

lemon cheesecake mousse cups

Like the time we made the worst chicken with what was supposed to be an orange sauce and it was so bitter poor Cade could hardly gag it down and we ended up splitting hot french fries and shakes and people watching for so long we actually forgot about dinner all together.

pea pasta salad

Or when our oldest daughter made banana bread with me for the first time and I turned my back for one minute which was all she needed to dip a finger, then an entire hand in the batter and lick it off each finger. Oh toddlers, they are the best.

chicken pot pie soup

But more importantly, we had opportunities to start talking. As children grow older they aren’t as open anymore but when they are busy working on something creative they loosen up and start to really talk. And a husband and wife, side by side, well even the professionals say that men open up more when they feel safe, which is often talking side by side versus face to face. It’s amazing how much closer you feel to someone when you talk and laugh together.

The ultimate pie stuffed with a layer of nutella, dulce de leche and gooey chocolate chip cookie dough

We hope that’s what this cookbook is for you. A chance to be together and hey, enjoying really good food is an extra benefit!  Click HERE and order your copy right away!


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