the inspiration board


Oh shoot, I have a new love in my life. I cannot resist, and I’m willing to share it with the world, The Inspiration Board. Jamielyn from, I Heart Naptime, and a darling friend of mine (and shall we add smarty pants for always having such a creative and entrepreneur mind?!) has opened up a fun new site that allows people everywhere to create their own “inspiration boards”. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is still stinking awesome, but it’s also a lot of different styles and ideas all thrown into different boards. Now, we have a chance to narrow things down, get inspired and if you’re anything like me, set goals.

You see, this kitchen is the perfect example of how I am using the site. I can upload pictures onto my board that inspire me, or give me something to focus on for my goal setting. For example, if I want this kitchen, I need to keep my eyes open for items like these (I have a tendency to be all over the place in my style which makes it hard to decorate.) AND it allows me to see, in person what I’m shooting for. Keeps me on track with my business etc.  I realize not all of the boards will be for that purpose, some I’ll create for ideas to create for different holiday recipes, vacation ideas etc. In the end though, I adore that I can pull things together, see how it looks together, or head back for inspiration when I get into a rut. The possibilities are endless and I’m having a tad too much fun creating new boards, and seeing them from others.


I hope you’ll join us!!


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