Whether you are in town to visit or you live in Utah there are a few places you should have on your list of where to eat in Deer Valley.

Deer Valley Grocery Cafe (1)

On our recent trip to Deer Valley we certainly worked up an appetite sledding at Gorgoza and Skiing at the resort. But, you certainly do not have to head out on a vacation or staycation (though you know we are big believers in staycations, so take my advice and book one for yourself!) in order to have a wonderful time. These restaurants would be fantastic to head out on a family day (pull the kiddos out of school early as a surprise. You will not regret doing something out of the norm and crazy fun with your family) or a perfect date night. I cannot believe how many people only head into Salt Lake for date night. Hello! We have this amazing, romantic scenery right around the corner. You must plan a date or outing with the family!

 Grocery Cafe

deer valley grocery cafe

First up, the Grocery Cafe. This is especially useful if you are staying in town. Not only are there loads of yummy dishes to nosh on, but they’ve filled a freezer full of their dishes in case you feel like cooking in your room one night and loads of other items to cook from your condo or room. The menu items are perfect too! We loved the fish tacos, BLT, French Dip and mac n cheese for the kids. The food tasted as good as a great restaurant in Salt Lake, but it’s faster and more relaxed. It was perfect for lunch our first day.

 Deer Valley Seafood Buffet

Seafood Buffet

Deer Valley Seafood Buffet is a little misleading in that there are so many vegetarian and meat options. This one is so fun for the whole family. The kids looooved that they could get up and see what there was and pick their favorites, not to mention that they got to go back for as much as they wanted. And let’s be honest, all of the adults loved that as well. 😉

There are many different stations at the buffet and I love that you don’t just grab your own. You’re still waited on and there was constantly fresh foods being pulled out and prepared right before you. The setting was cozy, warm and held in the lodge which of course only makes you feel so relaxed and removed from the hustle and bustle of life.

The Natural Buffet : This station is obviously the perfect place to start. You can sample different berries with cheeses as well as breads, meats, salad, crab, oysters etc.

Appetizers-Mini grilled cheese, tomato soup, buffalo burgers, BBQ or cilantro lime ribs (You HAVE to try the cilantro lime ribs. Hands down my favorite), muscles, and so much more for the taking.

Carvery Station:Prime Rib with natural au jus, Duck with a rosemary reduction.

Hot Entree: Seared Mahi Mahi, Garlic Mashed Potatoes Scallops, etc

Bakery-Don’t even try to fill up so much on the foods that you have to miss dessert. Everything is delicious this is where you’ll find the famous, Snow Ball.


Fireside Dining

horse drawn sleigh at fireside dining

Fireside dining will rock your world. Sit back and prepare for one of the best dining experiences out there. Head up the mountain by the Montage resort and go inside to get warm by the fire while you wait for your horse drawn sleigh to take you on a moonlit ride before dinner. Whether you are with the kids or alone with your loved one this is the most relaxing and lovely start to your evening. It’s so quiet and peaceful clear up in the beautiful woods, but don’t stay out too long, there’s an amazing variety of foods waiting to be devoured inside.

fireside dining deer valley resort

When you enter the restaurant you’ll notice that everyone is seated around beautiful, humongous fireplaces with crackling fires. And guess what? That’s what’s cooking your dinner. That’s right, it literally is “fireside” dining. The best station in our opinion? The Racoulette. Hunks of cheese placed in front of the fire, melting down onto your plates. Someone hands you a plate and you head over to a little station of mini foods to eat with your cheesy goodness. Our favorite was the strawberry tarragon chutney (AMAZING) and the meat, but there are plenty of breads, potatoes etc to try.

desserts at fireside dining.jpg

There are multiple stations to try and you can keep going, buffet style until you’re full. The kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on dessert. And speaking of kids, if you’re worried about them liking everything, don’t be. Our girls decided to just have crispy chicken and fries. I love that the restaurant is gorgeous, beautifully lit, and so romantic and yet totally kid friendly. The food was amazing and ended up being our favorite of the weekend.

Like I said before, whether you are looking to head out on the perfect vacation or staycation, or just wanting to get away for a fun/romantic dinner Deer Valley is perfect. We’ve kind of become obsessed and cannot wait to return.