You don’t have to pass a cold around all winter. last year we cracked down and found 5 must haves to kick the cold like this cold buster green smoothie

Cold Buster Green Smoothie to fight off those nasty colds and keep the body healthy all winter long

I hate winter. I know, lots of people love it and cannot wait to get outside and enjoy all that the snow has to offer, but I hate it. Strong word? I seriously dislike it I guess. I am learning to really enjoy skiing, but I still freeze to death and cannot last very long out there. But the major reason (other than not having light to photograph recipes) I don’t like winter is because we all get sick and pass it around over and over again all winter long. I freeze all winter which I’m sure keeps me sick, but Ricola and I are fighting back and learning how to fight a cold- cold buster green smoothie and with little tricks for this sponsored post. Kind of like these cold buster fruit leathers we are packing in special ingredients to fight back and take back winter. And there’s a fun giveaway so scroll down!

GREEN smoothie to fight any cold this winter season

So, I’m going to jump right into it because we’ve had an interesting year. We’ve been getting more and more sick since living in freezing cold Utah and a lot of that has to do with inversion. If you haven’t heard of it like I hadn’t then count yourself as lucky. It’s lame. Basically all of the junk in the air gets trapped in the valley because Utah is shaped like a bowl and the high mountains act like a huge wall. So, our air quality goes way down and everyone gets sick. Last year we decided that we couldn’t deal with it anymore so we came up with a few things to try and I’m happy to say we were hardly ever sick last year and (knock on wood) haven’t really been sick this winter either!


*Green Smoothies*

Green smoothies were all the rage, and still are but I never really thought they were that big of a deal. And then I realized that with all of those vitamins packed into a smoothie we would actually be giving ourselves the proper nutrition that we are recommended in getting. So, we started keeping a full supply of spinach and fruits and sure enough, not only did start feeling better but we weren’t getting sick. But, there’s a catch. You have to watch your fruit intake as they still have sugar and carbs so people can take something healthy to not so healthy.

Cold Buster Green Smoothie to fight off those nasty colds and keep the body healthy all winter long

Cold Buster Smoothie-

This smoothie is unique in that we chose specific items to kick the cold where it hurts:

Bananas give the body natural energy which is something you are lacking when sick. Spinach is great fiber and vitamins while the citrus fruits really slam dunk the vitamin c. We avoid dairy completely as it encourages mucus production. In fact, we skip the dairy completely while sick. The orange juice isn’t just about the vitamins it’s also about staying hydrated. And the carrots are great for killing germs in the mouth and helping with digestion. We keep the orange peel on because the peel contains 4 times more fiber than the fruit itself, it has anti-inflammatory properties and may even help reduce harmful LDL’s.

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Heating Pad

We keep this awesome corn pack around to warm up and lay across an aching back or neck. The more the muscles relax the faster we start feeling better.

Air Purifier 

We went ahead and got a Honeywell airpurifier. One is upstairs and the other downstairs. They run day and night all year round and I swear it’s been helping to keep out the nasty.


Not everyone is all natural, but everyone can take advantage of oils and all they offer. Even just using one like this orange which promotes happiness and energy can help pick you up and the happier you are the more your body tends to fight back. Other oils are great too but I’ll leave those to the experts to tell you about.


When you’ve done everything you can and that blasted cold still settles in there’s no point in running to the store to pick up whatever you see first because you’ll only be back to find something else since it’s not working. We are a family that tends to take it in the lungs. We all get coughs that just wont go away. Which means we’ve become really good at figuring out what really works and that’s Ricola. Trust me on this. Not only does it soothe our throats but it settles down our throat and lungs so we can get a little sleep and recover faster. In fact, we keep these babies on hand all year round so we aren’t ever stuck without them.

And that’s it! What little tricks do you have to beating the winter colds?

Cold Buster Green Smoothie

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How to Fight a Cold- Cold Buster Green Smoothie
Recipe type: drink
Cuisine: american
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 glasses of smoothie
A healthy green smoothie with ingredients to help fight a cold
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • ½ orange with peel
  • 3 baby carrots
  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup frozen pineapple
  • ½ small apple
  • ½ cup ice
  1. Place the juice, spinach and remaining ingredients in a blender, ending with the ice. Blend until smooth and drink up!
Try different fruits for a new combination.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 glass



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