I bet you didn’t know that tupperware and cooking spray are the best of friends? It’s true. Let me take you back in time and tell you the story of Miss Scarlet.

The Truth About Miss Scarlet

You see, a long time ago, tupperware was awesome. All new and smart like, “Hey, I can keep your leftovers or prepped veggies for dinner tonight, in fact I can even bring a salad to work for you so you can ditch the PB&J.” (Which no one would ever do, because no matter how old you are, a gooey pb&j is still awesome.) Then, Miss Scarlet arrived. She always seemed so kind, so willing to take care of others. Who knew that her spaghetti sauce would change things. The sauce looked lovely, smelled delicious and tasted even better, but what would happen next was pure destruction. You know what I’m talking about, STAINED RED FOR.EV.ER. #Truth.

(Yes, I just used a hashtag in my post. Yes, I understand what a hashtag is really used for, but words just seem to mean more when they are hashed. )

What Stains Your Tupperware and Why Does it Matter?

Anyway, back to reality. Red sauces, gooey cheese, greasy foods and the like can all leave our¬†Tupperware¬†stained and guess what, no one wants stained Tupperware. Sure, it doesn’t actually hurt anyone, but it looks kinda nasty, like you don’t know how to wash dishes. And heaven knows that it’s always a tad awkward to send something to someone’s house and have to apologize about the Tupperware, “Uh, sorry about the weird orange color. You see, we had spaghetti sauce, and I did wash it. Anyway, it’s clean. I promise…”

How to Never Stain Your Tupperware

Did you know that there is an easy fix to avoid staining your Tupperware? Before storing any tomato based sauces or anything that usually leaves that awful stain in your Tupperware, spray it with nonstick cooking spray!


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